Ragi Millet Drink

Ragi Millet Drink

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Ragi Millet drink is a nutritious and tasty blend of Finger millet and Barnyard millet packed in a convenient format. This healthy drink was an integral part of our ancestor’s diet that made them fit and active.

Water, Milk solids, Active lactic culture, finger millet, Barnyard millet and salt.

Quick Facts:
Calcium shakti of 25 almonds


Though our millet drink is amazing when consumed out of the bottle, here are few serving suggestions to spice up the drink.

1) Pour the drink in a bowl and add cut onions, raw mango and green chillies to add a spicy and tangy touch to the Koozh.
2) Garnish the drink with raw chopped onion, green chilis, curry leaves and coriander leaves for a rich and nutritious meal.

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