The choices that you pick will affect your future and the person you are. Farmerie’s products aim to provide you with the power, strength and ability to make healthy food choices.

Farmerie’s products stand for the power of choice.

Make your life merry with

love & food from the farm

Yes, Farmerie’s products stand for the merry moments in life that you relish. It stands for the happy choices you make for yourself, and for your health. Farmerie symbolizes the joy of living content, eating healthy and celebrating life.

Packaged with the goodness of nature, Farmerie’s mix of millets and other vital multi-grains help you reach your objective of a healthy and wholesome life.

Farmerie is the brainchild that was created under the umbrella of Bioville Farms Pvt. Ltd. by the entrepreneur duo Sriram Subramanya and Anu Sriram. Bioville Farms is the realization of a thought that conceived into a dream that has now become an action. The founders wanted to bring about a change, where people are conscious of the food they intake and about the food that fosters large scale earth-friendly agricultural practices.

Brand Farmerie was created to address the needs of a customer who wants to live a wholesome life with wholesome and nourishing food.

Sriram has also been very passionate about giving back to the society through his organization Sriram Charitable Trust (SCT) [] with the aim to contribute to health care, education, social rehabilitation and rural upliftment, women empowerment, environment and supporting the government in improving governance.