When We First Introduced our Products to the World…

Happy to share the excitement we experienced when we introduced our first products in the market, Ragi Flakes and Multimillet Flakes!

After months of hard work and sleepless nights in bringing out our first products, we were anxious about their acceptance by the larger audience. Though our limited test marketing and sampling activities gave us encouraging results, we kept our fingers crossed when we started placing our products in retail shelves. With a fluttery feeling in the stomach, nervousness within and managing a smile, we stepped into the market to introduce our products.

WOW! What a moment it was when we heard the first comment, “It’s Good. The flavours are definitely different. I would like to buy one.”

There were many more encouraging responses from all those who tasted our products during our promotions. Enthused and armed with confidence, we started going the distance to reach more customers by launching fruit and nut variants of our museli which has been received well in the market. There’s the same feeling of butterflies in the stomach. But, that’s fun!

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